We are a creative atelier in France specializing in branding. We work with clients starting from the initial brand strategy phase to the design and final production of a project. We strive to improve the collective visual landscape with our works.


Operating at the intersection of advertising and graphic design, graphic designer Bernadette is calling for a fundamental shift in the way we design and see the visual environment, from logotype to art direction and type design.
Every project begins with a question of how to make a unique brand among many brands. We support our clients express their own brandness through Identity, art direction, custom fonts, illustrations & graphic design

Netflix - 6 Underground by Mickael Bay (Marcel Agency)


Sergent Garcia

Sergent Garcia



Les Antiquaires

Les Antiquaires

Our aim goal is to design a better looking future. With the same spirit of Haute Couture, we work closely with artisans who create beautiful design by hand. The future is now, we are not afraid to call 3D designers, photographers, type designers, illustrators and graphic designers artisans too. Everything is designed with the respect of the human-being eye and our environnement.

Through logos, brand identity, digital content and typefaces, we explore new ways to create utterly unique design and visuals. We are like everybody else, we get bored easily, so we look for new challenges. We’re uncomfortable being too comfortable.
We are constantly exploring new ways we can grow and evolve the atelier, make our processes more efficient, or our atelier culture stronger. We are also always looking for new ways to improve our work or strengthen our offerings to our clients
Bellanger Vins

Zinc - domaine Chateau Roquefort


We are like our clients, we love discretion. Everything is not online, and our miscellanea of work and clients is large. Feel free to ask for more.
Cartier, Marcel agency, Buzzman agency, Le bureau (china), Richard Lafond from Lafond AD, Chanel, Huawei, Spotify, Douce agency (Souen Levan)


Brndtt is a Paris-based atelier. We are not afraid of working with different kind of clients and budget. If you want to talk about your project and need help - or if you are an artisan, we would love to hear from you. Don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing a one page statement of interest and a link to your portfolio.

General inquiries: bd@bernadetteparis.fr
Instagram: @bernadette_paris
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