Projet Platform

Created in 2005, the Platform association gathers the 23 Regional collections of contemporary art in France around three objectives: To foster group reflection about the Frac projects and issues / To establish a resource centre / To develop interregional and international exchanges

Projet Platform 1
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Projet Platform 2


In search of a new identity as fresh as their artists and galleries they represent, Platform came to us. They wanted to show the world that they are a fresh. We wanted to create something very different, resulting in an abstract logo animation inspired by cinetic arts - and by using clean, modernist sans fonts.

Through leadership of Isabelle Gushing, and working closely with Nicolas Getty and clients, we develop new logotype, brand guideline, powerpoint, booklet, assets and visual language to promote Platform.

Projet Platform gif v3
Projet Platform gif v4
Projet Platform 5
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Projet Platform gif v1
Projet Platform gif v2
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Logo & webdesign : Isabelle Gushing
Programmation : Nicolas Getty
Graphisme : Brndtt
Animation : Tristan Kebty